According to the dictionary, a hothead is described as someone who is bad-tempered or reckless. Twelve year-old Connor Sullivan is a hothead. He didn't intend for it to be that way and actually Connor tries earnestly at one point to avoid it, but he is a hothead. Now, his temper has caused him embarrassment among his friends. And it may result in harsher consequences like suspension from his baseball team which may cause the Orioles to end their drive towards the championship game against the best team in the Babe Ruth League.

Baseball Hall of Famer, Cal Ripken, Jr. paired with Baltimore Sun columnist, Kevin Cowherd to sketch a contempary character living in the Baltimore area that readers can relate to. They drive home a striking story full of life lessons. An added bonus to audio listeners is that Cal, himself narrates an unabridged version of Hothead. Grade 4-8.

Recommended by Michele Shade, Librarian



This is a book for baseball lovers written by retired shortstop and third

baseman for the Baltimore Orioles. Nicknamed while playing baseball “The Ironman”

for his work ethic and determination, Ripken continues these values in his writing for

young people.

The main character, Connor is an excellent baseball player who suddenly starts

showing his temper. Will Coach Hammond bench Connor when he throws a bat and

has a temper tantrum? When Connor continues to demonstrate lack of control on the

baseball field will he be thrown off the team in spite of being the best Orioles player?

Why is Connor turning into a “hothead” and jeopardizing the change for championship

for his team?

Connor even has a chance to go to a summer baseball camp if he can get his temper

under control and learn to deal with the problems at home.


Hothead is about more than baseball. This book deals with a present day’s boy’s life

on the field, at school and at home.

Hothead just might help a baseball fan who does not care for reading to become an

avid reader.

Recommended by Lisa Romans, Librarian


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