Fly Guy, Book 6: Hooray For Fly Guy!

Fly Guy, Book 6:  Hooray For Fly Guy!

Hey, if your football team needed one more player, wouldn't you call in your best friend to try out for the team? That's exactly what Buzz does only the best friend he brings to try outs is his pet, Fly Guy.

Fly Guy gives it his best shot but he just can't get the hang of the punt, pass and kick things much to the coach's great amusement. Another guy gets the nod for the team but when the game starts, Buzz's team finds themselves in deep trouble.

Maybe now is the time to bring out the secret play and the touchdown dance that he and Fly Guy have cooked up together. The Fly Guy series continues.

32 pages                        978-0545007245             Ages 5-8

Keywords:  bugs, flies, pets, friends, friendship, part of a series, reluctant reader, reluctant listener, sports, team, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old


Children will laugh out loud at the story and pictures in this sixth book in the easy-to-read Fly Guy series!

"Flies can't play football," says the coach. But Fly Guy and Buzz are determined to prove him wrong. New readers will experience both pride and delight as they read the simple text and look at the funny pictures of Fly Guy trying to kick a football, go out for a pass, and tackle his friend Buzz. In the end Fly Guy scores and gets to do his hilarious touchdown dance.

Hooray for Fly Guy!---from the publisher

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