Hooray For Amanda & Her Alligator

Hooray For Amanda & Her Alligator

Young, adventurous Amanda is off at the library finding books with new horizons while her friend, Alligator, waits impatiently at home. Everyone knows just how hard it is to wait for someone or something but the wait can seem shorter if you start imagining the possibility of there being a surprise on the way and it's just for you.

This is the story of two friends who are brand new to us but hopefully to reappear in future stories. Amanda, the young girl, is a huge reader, a good friend and someone interested in exploring possibilities such as jet packs, climbing, and beating boredom. Alligator is a lively fellow who is always thinking, feeling, and bringing change to Amanda's quiet spot. At one point Amanda even notices that Alligator is chewing on her head.

The friendship is revealed in 6 1/2 stories some with moments of danger as with the head chewing and some with moments of angst as when Alligator finds a price tag on his tail and learns he was for sale in the bargain bin for seven cents. You are really watching a great cartoon as you turn the pages exploring the flavor of the relationship and making two new friends.

In 72 short pages we explore many the familiar feelings of boredom, self-doubt, anger, trust, love and finally the green monster. Can you guess what happens when huge, fluffy Panda arrives as a gift from Grandpa at the zoo, not from the sale bin? This one will be read over and over and over again as it resonates beautifully with the hearts of children far and wide and it offers a bonus with its message about the wonder of reading and how books can beat boredom. (A librarian's dream come true) Ages 4-8 72 pages

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