Hoopster, Book 3: Homeboyz

Hoopster, Book 3:  Homeboyz

I picked this book up to read after hearing Alan Sitomer speak at a conference. I didn't realize I was coming in to the last book of a trilogy. If you have readers who are captured by life on the streets and gang warfare, here is the answer. The book opens with a very powerful scene of a young girl choosing to join a gang. That's followed by an ' rp, rt' event: Being in the wrong place at the wrong time causes the death of an innocent young girl who is randomly shot by gang members. Her brother decides to get revenge, and this book is his story. Teddy Anderson is 'ripped' and can handle a gun and life in gangland, but the judge has thrown him to Officer Diaz who, in turn, tasks Teddy with talking young Micah out of gang life. This is Book 3 and the conclusion of the Hoopster trilogy.


I was fascinated by the "gangsta logic" that filled this book. What would you do if your sister was murdered? What if your retaliation would hurt everyone that you cared about?  The gangsta logic is the only rationale that Teddy needs to seek revenge, to attempt to steal from the state, to ignore the boy that he is supposed to mentor, and to try to hurt anyone that he thinks stands in his way.  The problem with gangsta logic is that it doesn't always take consequences into consideration. I think that this book would definitely be a great tool to help focus on consequences, as many that result from Teddy's actions are unexpected.

I feel that the ending of Homeboyz was rushed.  Many emotions were described and details were given throughout the book, but not at the ending, when intense situations could have benefitted from additional insight.

This book does contain profanity and violence, although little seems gratuitous.  I would recommend it to high schools, and some middle schools where the content would not be a problem.

Recommended by Amy Coward, Librarian, Virginia, USA

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HOMEBOYZ: HOOPSTER, BOOK 3 by Alan Lawrence Sitomer, Trailer by Christina Acosta of Taft, Texas


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