Homework Machine

Homework Machine

"The police lady says me and Brenton and Judy and Kelsey have to each come in separately and talk about what happened." Meet Kelsey Donnelly, Brenton Damagatchi, Sam Dawkins, and Judy Douglas, all 5th-graders. They have a good thing going with the "Homework Machine" until the day someone tells. The story is told from the point of view of each character in alternating voices. Great for kids who struggle to read. Ages 9-13 160 pages

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(Updated: February 08, 2013)
The Homework Machine
By: Dan Gutman

Are you looking for a good book? Then the Homework Machine is the one for you! The D squad, Judy, Snikwad, and Kelsey all dislike homework except for Brenton. He always gets 100% on his worksheets. So one day the D squad went to Brenton’s house to do homework, on a machine! Turns out that the machine was just a scanner. So now all of the D squad kids get 100% scores on their worksheets! Their fifth grade teacher and children in their class are getting suspicious, even policemen! What will they do to get out of this situation? Well you have to read the book to find out!
I loved this book! I definitely recommend this book! I love this book because of the enthusiasm and mystery. It is perfect to read with a group or a book club. My favorite part of the book was the end because exciting things happen. This story also teaches an important lesson. The lesson is not to cheat on your homework. This was an excellent story and kids will always do their homework. This is a five star book. I really recommend this book.

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