Holmes for the Holidays

Holmes for the Holidays

Arise Watson! Yuletide mischief is afoot!

Of the original 56 short stories and four novels, unfortunately, only one story, "The Blue Carbuncle", is about Christmas. Not so any longer. Here are fourteen NEW Sherlock Homes stories pertaining to the Christmas season by some of today's best mystery writers. Mystery readers should recognize authors Anne Perry, Gillian Linscott, Jon L. Breen, Carole Nelson Douglas, Edward D. Hoch, and two of my favorites, Bill Crider and Loren D. Estleman.

How close to the original in literary style are these new stories? Well, if you were to cover up the author, read an original Doyle story, and then pick say one of the stories involving ghosts of Dickens, you would be hard pressed to be able to distinguish the difference. How entertaining are they? Well, a friend suggested I pace myself by reading just one story a night beginning fourteen days before Christmas. Bah!, Humbug! After the first story, this logical plan was scuttled, my evening engagement cancelled, and I awoke the next day groggy and eyes bloodshot!

What was I to do? Christmas was still a fortnight away and my "Holmesian" appetite had yet been sated. Elementary, my dear reader! Upon perusal of the local public library, I found a second volume titled, More Holmes for the Holidays. 294 pages. Recommended by Robert L. Hicks, Librarian.

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