Hippo and Rabbit in Three Short Tales

Hippo and Rabbit in Three Short Tales

Meet Hippo and Rabbit. Even though they are as different as--well, a hippopotamus and a rabbit, they are good friends. In the first story, Hippo has a cheeseburger for breakfast, but smart Rabbit convinces him that if wants to be as strong, healthy, and brainy as he is, salad vegetables are a better choice. What Hippo does with this literal rabbit food is sure to elicit giggles from readers and listeners. As story number two opens, the pals find a swing. Rabbit tells a reluctant Hippo how much fun it is to go fast and high, but is unable to push his humongous buddy an inch. What's a rabbit to do? Use his brain, of course. The third story finds Hippo and Rabbit in bed, and Hippo is afraid of an approaching thunderstorm. Rabbit tries to reassure him, but his friend wants to sleep in bed with him. Only when thunder also startles Rabbit does he think of a solution.

Kids will enjoy the interaction between the cheerful (if naive) Hippo and his savvier, but equally fun-loving, buddy, Rabbit. Short, easy-to-read text-in-word bubbles make this an ideal choice for beginning readers. Jeff Mack's bright illustrations perfectly capture facial expressions and body language. A colorful table of contents is a charming addition. Ages 4-6

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian

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