Hip & Hop, Don't Stop

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Hip & Hop, Don't Stop

Looking for a book with a beat? Meet Hip, a turtle who raps very s l o w l y and his friend Hop, a bunny who raps superfast. Now when you read this book, whenever you see the words in green type, that's the rabbit rapping so you read as fast as you can. When you see the red words, that's when the turtle is rapping and you want to read very, very slooooooowly. Now both Hip and Hop love to rhyme. One lives in Slowjamz Swamp and th other lives in and Breakbeat Meadow but these two communities don't talk to each other. No one knows why. Then one day Hip and Hop meet each other. They're both going to compete in a contest to see who is the best rapper. Despite their differences, they become friends. Now, who is going to win that contest? 40 pages

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