Hidden Worlds Looking Through A Scientist's Microscope (Scientists in the Field)

Hidden Worlds  Looking Through A Scientist's Microscope  (Scientists in the Field)

When he was 10 years old Dennis Kunkel got a microscope for Christmas, and the rest of the presents just about went unopened! He had one of those inquisitive, curious, why-minds that come in some young folks. He looked at=2 0all the slides in the kit and then started to collect pond water and blades of grass ... because living things were much more interesting. Today, he is a microscopist, and his work, collecting samples and photographing the slides under incredibly powerful microscopes, is helping other scientists to understand things like how muscles work and how habitats re-create themselves after a volcanic eruption. Wow! The pictures are the gems here. Enjoy!

64 pages 978-0618354054 Ages 9-12

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


There are hidden worlds in nature—places you can visit only with a microscope. For more than twenty-five years, Dennis Kunkel has been exploring these worlds. Through the lenses of powerful microscopes, he has examined objects most people have never even thought about: a mosquito’s foot, a crystal of sugar, a grain of pollen, the delicate hairs on a blade of grass. Hidden Worlds takes you behind the scenes of Dennis’s work and explains how he captures his remarkable images of microscopic life and objects. You’ll learn how Dennis became interested in microscopes as a boy, how he prepares specimens for study, and how different kinds of microscopes work. You’ll also have the chance to follow Dennis as he collects in the field—from the ash-covered slopes of Mount St. Helens to the lava tubes, rainforests, and beaches of his home state of Hawaii.--from the publisher

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