Hidden Empire

Hidden Empire

In a futuristic world natural disasters occur and plagues appear out of nowhere. In the aftermath of America’s second civil war, democracy seems to be all but lost with a president who wants to expand American imperialism. With news of an epidemic in Africa, President Torrent takes matters into his own hands by quarantining the whole continent of Africa and sending his elite soldiers to help slow the spread of the disease. After a massacre at a Nigerian Hospital, questions arise about the true intentions of the President. Captain Coleman, known as Cole, realizes that President Torrent is a very calculating and ambitious man and was responsible for the privately funded military civil war that led to the fall of the American republic. It is only the beginning of his plans to expand American imperial power around the world. Cole finds hard evidence to prove what he knows to be true about Torrent and in a surprising twist comes to his rescue. 335pages.

Recommended by Anna Pelio, Librarian.

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