Hey, Boy

Hey, Boy

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Margaret K. McElderry 2017 (originally published 2014)
Character-Building Curriculum

Love your dog?  Can't imagine life without her?  This is a heartstrings tugging powerhouse!  Get your tissue now.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who met a dog.  The minute he saw that dog, they were friends for life.  He told the dog all about the adventures they would have together and they set out to have them.  But, the boy got hurt and his parents told him he was too young for a dog. He will have to grow up some before he can have a dog.  So, he had to give the dog up for adoption.

There is loyalty beyond words here.  If you have read the book, "Love You Forever," which is, of course, written about the love between a mother and a child, you will have some idea of what this book turns out to be about.

This is about loving a dog and what a dog can mean to you in your life.  It's about having someone to love and someone who loves you.  It's about waiting and it's about remembering.

If you ever have to teach a unit on empathy, this is the book to choose.  Children will be able to imagine how it would feel to be this boy, to have to give up his dog and how it would feel to see him when you get a chance to visit him.

48 pages 978-1481471015 Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


A New York Times Notable Children’s Book

In the classic style of The Giving Tree comes a touching debut picture book about the unfaltering love between a boy and his pet.

One day a boy finds a dog. He takes him home, already dreaming of the adventures they will have and the games they will play.

But when the boy gets hurt, he and his new best friend are separated. Will the boy be able to grow up quickly enough to get his furry companion back, or will life keep getting in the way?

With dreamily spare text and sweeping yet simple illustrations, Hey, Boy is a reminder that true friends always find their way home to each other.--from the publisher

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