In Hereville, Barry Deutsch has created a totally fun comic featuring “yet another troll-fighting
11-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl.” On the outside, Mirka looks like the perfect image of an
Orthodox Jew, but readers soon find out that she is unconventional and tough as nails, dreaming
of leaving her knitting behind to become a dragon slayer. Alas for her, she must spend her days
squabbling with her argumentative stepmother, observing Shabbos, and trying not to cause
When she accidentally angers a local witch and sets a chain of strange events into motion,
though, Mirka finds herself one step closer to reaching her dream, if only she can survive the
journey. The witch knows Mirka’s deepest desire—a sword of her very own—and she knows
just where to find it. The only problem? Between Mirka and her coveted sword stands an evil
troll. Of course, our brave girl simply cannot walk away from such a gruesome challenger, and
their battle begins (though not quite in the way that she anticipated). To Mirka’s horror, she
must defeat the troll in a knitting contest…the very task she so despises! If she can make a better
sweater than her opponent, the sword is hers! But if she loses…well…she’ll quickly become the
troll’s dinner. Can she rise to the occasion and claim her prize?
The illustrations are punchy and fun, and this is an especially great title for girls, who will love
the feisty heroine and learning about a different culture.
144 pages. Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian. Maryland

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