Rory and her family have been living on Juniper Island since they were put in the witness protection system after she was almost killed by a serial killer. Rory has learned that this is no ordinary island. Juniper Island is a waiting place for people who have passed away so they can be helped onto their next and final destination. Since Rory is a “lifer” it is her job to help these people cross over. As the days go by Rory and the other lifers are noticing things that have never happened before. Events that for-tell of something dark and evil that might be lurking around the corner. Strangest of all, these events started happening after Rory arrived. Is she somehow responsible? That is what Nadia and a few other lifers believe, and they don’t make it easy for her. There are some lifers who stand behind Rory and believe in her. But do they? Who can she trust and who might be lying to her? Then the final blow comes --- it is time for her father to cross!

307 pages, ISBN:9781423165262, Ages 11-13 14+, Recommended by Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Aberdeen, ID

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