Here's Hank, Book 1: Bookmarks Are People Too

Here's Hank, Book 1:  Bookmarks Are People Too

Second grader Hank isn't very good at spelling and now that he thinks about it he's not very good at math or reading either.  He is really good at eating.. in fact, Hank is a champion eater.  But, that's not going to help him with his problem.

Hank's teacher stayed up late one night and wrote a play and now everyone in the class has to choose a part, memorize the lines, and be ready to audition.  Hank is a mess.  He knows there is no way he can memorize his lines.  Lucky him though he has a friend named Frankie who is always there for him and promises to help him learn to be the part he's got picked out..Aqua, buzz, buzz.

The story is a mixture of walking a mile in Hank's shoes with his quick sense of humor that keeps everyone laughing and the cast of characters in his class including a bully and a new girl.  Second grade comes alive through the eyes of a guy who struggles.  Will Hank be able to wiggle his way out of this one?

Written in a font called Dyslexie, the book is designed for children whose letters tend to dance around the page.

Editor's Note:  Printed in a brand new type font designed for kids with dyslexia (Dyslexie)

Ages 6-9    124 pages    978-0448482392

Recommended by:  Barb  Langridge,

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Read alikes  recommended by librarians on LM_NET:

We have a new series of books called The Secret Games of Maximus Todd by L.M. Nicodemo (Book 1 is called Big Game Jitters) that is designed for readers with dyslexia. The font used is the dyslexic font where the letters are more weighted on the bottom. The books are about a third grade reading level and the stories are humorous and illustrated. The main character, Max, is hyperactive and has to find ways to calm his "super fidgets". I ordered them from Baker & Taylor and they seem to be widely available.

"And you might try this: Wish I Lived in a World series"- Recommended by librarians on LM_NET

"Do you have Library of Doom books? A child Psychologist working with ADHD and dyslexic kids in my area said they are the best and his kids love them! The text matches the words.... Drip actually drips, and boom! Is big and oversized, etc.... there are about 25 book snow, I think. Great for K-2nd"-


"Hank stars the same Hank as in the bestselling Hank Zipzer series, only this time he's in 2nd grade! Hank is a kid who doesn't try to be funny, but he somehow always makes the kids in his class laugh. He's pretty bad at memorizing stuff, and spelling is his worst subject. (But so are math and reading!) In the first book in this new series, Hank's class is putting on a play, and Hank wants the lead part: Aqua Fly. But he freezes in his audition and can only buzz like a fly. His teacher creates a special part for Hank, a silent bookmark. This may seem like an insignificant role, but when his enemy, Nick McKelty, freezes during the performance, it's up to Hank to save the play!"--from the publisher

Strategies for working with children with dyslexia:

"I often suggest those with dyslexia to try audiobooks and graphic novels."

"I recommend downloading Kindle books and then changing the font to the dyslexie font on the Kindle."- from librarians on LM_NET

"Here are a couple of helpful websites:"--from librarians on LM_NET

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