Heaven (Halo Trilogy, Book 3)

Heaven  (Halo Trilogy, Book 3)

"If I recall...you just asked me to marry you."

Beth and Xavier, the immortal and the mortal, have arrived at the moment in their lives when they are determined to have each other as husband and wife. They have already gone through Hades in the previous book and it looks as though their troubles are behind them and life is getting ready to offer them joy, rapture and a chance to consummate their relationship.

Unfortunately, the marriage summons an unexpected darkness which originates in the on high. Rules have been broken. Beth is deemed a renegade who must be brought back into the fold to continue to do His will. Romance has to simmer despite the passion that quivers between these two and the deep devotion they feel to one another. We wait as they wait and the tension is ever present and promising.

Meanwhile the wonder that is Heaven takes shape for us with the appearance of the Sevens and the loyalty of Ivy and Gabriel and the battles they face as Beth and Xavier stand fast in their absolute desire to join together ... to bring their souls to union... no matter what the cost.

Adventure, twists, fascinating revelations of the possibilities of God's world brought to Earth to engage in direct conflict with mortal beings make this a tantalizing, romantic read that satisfies the deep desire we all have to find that other who is our perfect soul mate and to glimpse the world beyond what we see, hear, taste, smell and touch in the Earthly plane.

This is the third in a trilogy: Halo, Hades, Heaven

Fine for Ages 12 and up 417 pages 978-0312656287

Recommended by: Barb

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