Haunting of Charles Dickens

Haunting of Charles Dickens

Meg is frantic when her big brother Orion disappears from their family's London printshop. Has he been captured by a press-gang to work on the new railway or sail away on a trading ship? Six months gone, with no word at all!

And he'd taken the last section of Great Expectations with him as well! Their good friend Charles Dickens had Meg gasping and laughing and worrying about Pip through the earlier parts of his book, but she didn’t get to finish the story and now she can't stop worrying about Orion, even if he is 15 and old enough to take care of himself.

When she spots a strange green glow on a nearby roof, Meg asks Mr. Dickens to help her investigate. They find a spiritualist medium at work, using tricks to get money from sorrowful families who want to communicate with their dead loved ones. When actual ghosts come out to meet the pair on the rooftop later, they give clues about Orion's disappearance.

Racing through the dim alleys, into London's dangerous underworld of petty thieves and master criminals, Meg and Mr. Dickens follow Orion's trail as they interpret signs and signals that point to a greater and more dangerous plot.

New antiques, tunnels to nowhere, a trip abroad without leaving London - can they find Orion before he disappears forever? Can Meg and Charles Dickens stop the danger that threatens the whole city and still keep the famous writer's name out of it?

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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