Haunted Mysteries The Black Heart Crypt

Haunted Mysteries  The Black Heart Crypt

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Random House Books for Young Readers August 2011

Halloween, for most kids, is one of the favorite holidays of the year. Dressing up, candy, scary stories, ghosts, what’s not to like? Well for someone like Zach Jennings, this Halloween there happens to be a lot of things he doesn’t like. For one, Zach is sensitive to seeing and communicating with ghosts. It runs in his family. And everyone knows that on Halloween the veil between this world and the other world is very thin. So thin that powerful ghosts are able to travel to this world to create all kinds of mischief. That’s exactly what the Ickleby clan has in mind. They are after Zach and his family (especially his three great aunts) who placed a spell on them years and years ago that sealed their souls into a crypt for all of eternity. They aren't happy and they will do anything to get out. The black heart stone is the key to freedom, and that is exactly what they are after, that and Zach. This book is funny, mysterious, and a great read for any child who is interested in scary, spooky, and paranormal books. The chapters are very short and easy to manage for someone who reads in short spurts of time.  330 pages  Ages  9-13

Recommended by Tricia Grady, Media Specialist, Indiana, USA

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