Hattie and the Fox


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Picture Book
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Aladdin 1992

Hattie the Hen has spotted a nose in the bushes and she knows it means trouble. But, when she tries to tell the other animals in the barnyard, no one else seems to care. She looks again and this time she can see not only the nose but two eyes as well. But the pig and the cow and the sheep just really aren't interested. Her anxiety grows as she sees more and more of what's hiding in the bushes and is faced with complete disregard by the barnyard. "Good grief," and "Well, well," and "So what," and "Who cares," are all she gets in reply. This looks like a great chance for a fox to get a really nice meal. The suspense mounts.

978-0689716119   32 pages   Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb 

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