Hanmoji Handbook

hanmoji handbook jason li

Learn Chinese with a new twist! This full-color illustrated handbook introduces and explains Han characters and idioms through the language of emoji.

Even though their dates of origin are millennia apart, the languages of Chinese and emoji share similarities that the average smartphone user might find surprising. These “hanmoji” parallels offer an exciting new way to learn Chinese—and a fascinating window into the evolution of Chinese Han characters. Packed with fun illustrations and engaging descriptions, The Hanmoji Handbook brings to life the ongoing dialogue between the visual elements of Chinese characters and the language of emoji. At once entertaining and educational, this unique volume holds sure appeal for readers who use emojis, anyone interested in learning Chinese, and those who love quirky, visual gift books.---from the publisher

160 pages                                                978-1536219135                            Ages 13 and up

Keywords:  alphabet, Chinese, Language Arts Curriculum, diversity, diverse books, emoji, Han characters, foreign language, 13 year old, 14 year old, 15 year old, how things work

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