Hand in Hand Ten Black Men Who Changed America

Hand in Hand Ten Black Men Who Changed America

Start with one man living in the time of the American Revolution.  He learns to read and write early and he loves to ask questions and wonder.  Add another man and another man and another man as the decades pass and then imagine them all as bold men who are smart, who read, and who are willing to risk to make the world a better place.

Now imagine them all as black men.

This wonderful story is built as a ladder for readers to climb through American history and black men in the role of  leader throughout.  These ten men:

"affirm the power of black manhood:

Black men are builders. Black men unify and are unified. Black men love to read. Black men have ambitions, and the backbone to carry them out. Black men are powerful public speakers. Black men are charismatic. Black men are smart. Black men are skilled writers and effective communicators. Black men are astute listeners. Black men respect themselves and others. Black men place family values in high regard. Black men have good manners. Black men are spiritual."  (From the Preface by Andrea Davis Pinkney)

With those themes in mind, follow the stories of the ten giants and see the "hand-in-hand chain that is no only strong but significant.  It is (the author's hope) "that the qualities embodied in the stories of each HAND IN HAND man will encourage young readers to build connections that will link them to their birthright of excellence." 

Ages  9-13  978-1423142577  243 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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