Gym Shorts: Goof-Off Goalie

Gym Shorts:  Goof-Off Goalie

What if you made a wish on your birthday, blew out the candles and a week later the wish came true? That's exactly what happened to Goose. Goose really wants to be the goalie on his soccer team but Alex Winkler plays that position. But, a week after Goose makes his wish to be soccer goalie, Alex Winkler's whole family moves away to Vermont! Wow! Now, it's up to Goose to try out and prove to the coach that he's the best man. It may take a whole team of friends to teach Goose how to play the goal and one of the best of those friends is Henry who has problems with his grades. Then, Henry asks Goose to help him in return. Will Goose take Henry's report to school for him even if it means he might be late for his first chance to be the starting goalie? 64 pages

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