Guy Fieri Food: Cookin' It, Livin' It, Lovin' It

Guy Fieri Food: Cookin' It, Livin' It, Lovin' It

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William Morrow, 2011
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Blogger's Note: This book arrived on my doorstep and I had to wrestle it away from my teen-age daughter, who now suddenly wants to learn more about cooking. She wants to make "Fieri Spaghetti and Meatballs" and "Hunter's Hero." She made me promise to return the cookbook to her so she can shop for the ingredients!

Every teen foodie and fans of Guy Fieri will love Guy's latest cookbook -- part biography, part family story, part photo album, and all things food, this huge book is as big, bold, colorful, and wickedly entertaining as Mr. Big Bite Guy Fieri. Guy has several shows on the Food Network and prime time television. He is known for his bold food, his fusion recipes and restaurants -- Tex Wasabi and Johnny Garlic's -- and for bringing a cool rock-n-roll vibe to a network that needed an infusion of youthful fun.

This cookbook is beautifully designed, the artwork meticulously rendered by illustrator Joe Leonard ( a well-known tattoo artist who has a painting degree from Temple). Each section has breath-taking art and photos of the cast and crew of each of Fieri's shows. It is satisfying to see the pictures of all the "behind the scenes" people who help make a half-hour show possible.

Nearly every page with recipes has a photo of the finished product and the results are mouth-watering! Any reader who can thumb through this book without being hungry just doesn't care anything about food. Fieri has thoughtfully included sections for the novice in the kitchen: what to stock in the pantry, what spices to have on hand, how each vegetable is used and when it's freshest, the best way to prepare vegetables; there is even a section devoted solely to the various types of peppers from jalapeno to anaheim to serrano.

Sections include tasty treats like sauces, rubs and marinades, sandwiches, vegetables, appetizers, and Guy's signature cocktails. The Mai Tai Sorbet is sinfully appealing.

Fieri's food is bold and a little dangerous. His guacamole has beer as an ingredient -- who else would have thought to try beer in guacamole? -- and Banana Pepper Sauerkraut may just be the next condiment craze -- good on sandwiches, salads, hot and cold foods.

Recipes have fun (punny) names like "Good Pho You," a Fieri nod to Vietnamese soup and "Texas Hold 'Em" for a sandwich that has the meats and other ingredients baked right into the loaf jelly-roll style so you can eat your sandwich with one hand and still play your favorite card game.

The book is dedicated to Fieri's beloved sister Morgan, who died earlier last year from cancer. It is a fitting tribute to someone who had such an influence on so many people including her famous brother. Namaste.

Guy Fieri Food is serious entertainment and it's a cookbook that will appeal to fans of Fieri's television shows and anyone who loves food. The novice cook would love to have a copy, too. This isn't your mama's cookbook--this is off-the-hook fun (a nod to Guy).

Highly, highly recommended grades 6-up. There are recipes for a few drinks containing alcohol but most students are probably not interested in that. They are going to pick this book up for the Guy Fieri appeal and Food Network appeal. The cover exudes all things Guy Fieri -- fun and big energy, and the bold, colorful title jumps off the shelf.

I could go on and on--being a foodie and Guy-fan myself -- but I have to get in the kitchen and try some of this stuff! 407 pages

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