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  • Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles 2: The Relic Hunters

Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles 2: The Relic Hunters

Grey Griffins:  The Clockwork Chronicles 2:  The Relic Hunters
Only one semester into the Iron Bridge Academy and the
Grey Griffins have found themselves in another pickle. While
zombies roam streets and their community continues to reel
from the Clockwork King's devastation, the young heroes we
have learned to love have become divided.
Everyone except Max, the leader of the group, has found
better ways to spend their time than with each other. Ernie, once
a skittish boy scared of his own shadow, has become the leader
of the Agents of Justice superhero group that is out to brighten
the fate of all changelings. Natalie, the detective of the Grey
Griffins with trust issues, has finally let down her barrier and
befriended other girls at the academy. And Harley, the brawn of
the group, has switched to using his brains and operates Monti's
shop of engineering wonders.
The Relic Hunters, a team of Iron Bridge students to stop
the Clockwork King, will eventually bring the Grey Griffins back
together but not without a twist in the plot that not even you
could predict. Expect 349 pages of flying cars, killer clockwork
robots dropping from the sky, giant robots bursting through
walls, vampire fairy attacks and an ending that will have you
begging authors Derek Benz & J.S. Lewis to expedite the
release of the final book of this trilogy.
Harry Potter fans of all ages, or even fans of the Iron Giant
or the DaVinci Code, will discover a new series to become
passionate about. This far into the Grey Griffin series, it will be
very helpful to read the previous books to fill the reader in on the
gaps of missing information and to help build the characters.
This book is more of a continuance of a story than an
information foundation, although it is possible to read the story
and understand the plot. When finished with the 45 easy
chapters, you'll be placing an order for Book 3 of the Clockwork
Chronicles! Ages 9-13 366 pages
Recommended by Maddie Reynolds

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