Great Gilly Hopkins

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Great Gilly Hopkins

Eleven-year-old Gilly Hopkins is about to be placed in another foster home. One look at fat, old Maime Trotter, and Gilly knows she's got control of this situation, no problem. She knows exactly how to upset the adults and frighten the other kids. What Gilly wants more than anything is to be with her real mom, Courtney, and she figures out a way to make that happen. But while she's getting her escape plans in order, life starts teaching her a few unexpected lessons, taught by some unexpected teachers. Fat, old Maime Trotter, for example, has a heart that can teach a thing or two, and so does blind, old, Mr. Randolph. Gilly's world is about to tilt, and your heart will go right along with her. This is the 1979 Newbery Honor winner. Ages 9-13 160 pages

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