Goodnight Everyone


Our place in the galaxy with the Milky Way streaking through the stars and planets opens the story on the first end page.  The edge of our sun hangs from the top of the first page with the planets in our solar system rowed up below in rank and file order showing their relative sizes.

Our place in the universe is and on the Earth is neatly depicted.  A gorgeously rich sunset is turning the forest and its animals deep oranges and purples as the sun goes on it way through the universe.

It's bedtime.  The mice and hares and deer are tucking themselves in nicely and a low buzz of snores is setting in.  Sigh, breathe, stretch, yawn.   But Little Bear isn't ready for Snoozing.  Even as Great Bear is settling down with a big yawn, Little Bear is visiting his friends to find someone who still wants to play.

A sharp eye will discover one more visitor who isn't ready to settle down and is looking around the universe to explore and discover.

This is a lovely, quietly playful story just right for bedtime reading.

32 pages   978-0763690793    Ages 2-5

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


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