Goodnight Astronaut

goodnight astronaut

Ten nine eight seven six five four ........  That rocket takes off and races up and up and up.  Inside the capsule is a man or a woman who knows exactly how to do the job of being an astronaut.  But they haven't always been grown ups.  Once upon a time they were boys and girls figuring things out just like the rest of us.

Astronaut Scott Kelly invites us to go back with him to see what it was like to grow up with a twin brother and to experience all the different kinds of places where they slept. What kind of things do future astronauts do when they are young boys?  What prepared them to be ready to take off in that rocket? Where do they dream their dreams?

Gorgeous illustrations capture the adventures of these twin boys as they dive down deep into the ocean and climb to the highest point on the Earth.  Their lives are filled with one great glowing adventure after another.  Fearless and up to one challenge after another.

This book is for the dreamers and it's for the ones who are trying out the idea that one day they might climb into that capsule and listen to the countdown, too.  Empowering, fun, filled with adventure and curiosity.  Three two one..... blast off!

40 pages                     978-1524764289                   Ages 3-7

Keywords: astronaut, biography, twins, brothers, adventure, sleeping, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, action/adventure, pilots, U.S. Navy, mountain climbing, scuba diving

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


The second picture book from astronaut Scott Kelly follows his adventure-seeking travels through some of the wild places he's slept! Young readers will be delighted by the playful text and encouraging message to dream of the stars.

Scott Kelly was born for adventure. But exploring takes a lot of enery--and sleep is the super fuel to turbocharge dreams. Luckily, sleeping can be exciting if you're drifting off in the right place.

Scott has fallen asleep at the bottom of the ocean, in the cockpit of an F-14 fighter jet, in a yurt on Mount Everest, and of course in space! Join Scott on his many adventures, and maybe they'll inspire dreams of your own!

This sweet and adventurous story is the perfect bedtime tale for future astronauts and adventurers!---from the publisher

About the author: SCOTT KELLY is a NASA astronaut best known for spending a record-breaking year in space. He is a former US Navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and veteran of four spaceflights. Kelly commanded the space shuttle Endeavour in 2007 and twice commanded the International Space Station. He lives in Houston, Texas. You can follow him on Facebook at NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly, and on Instagram and Twitter at @StationCDRKelly. Visit him at

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