Good Night, Maman

Good Night, Maman


“You have to go, all of you. Tonight.” With these words, Karin Levi’s world changed-- again. Karin, her brother, Marc, and their mother, Maman, could no longer hide in the safety of Madame Zetain’s attic. World War II is raging and throughout Europe Jews are being persecuted as we meet Karin, Marc and Maman. Their father has already been captured. Now, the childen and their mother Marc, must find their way through France in search of safety. The Germans are everywhere. No place is safe for Jews like Karin and her family.

When their beloved Maman becomes too ill, Karin and Marc are forced to keep moving without her. They travel at night by foot, bicycle, and truck as they struggle to reach southern France—and safety. They will travel even farther from Maman when they obtain two spots aboard a ship heading for the United States and sadly, leaving her behind. Marc is happy to be leaving war torn Europe but Karin is heartbroken as they sail to America and then travel on to Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York, the only camp for refugees in America where they struggle to begin a new life. Karin writes to her mother to keep the bond between them though her letters are never mailed.

Karin’s story of enduring love, determination, and survival tells the story of the few World War II refugees to find safety in the United States. Perfect for those who loved the Diary of Anne Frank. 192 pages

Contributed by Molly Bates, Librarian


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