Good Night, Good Knight

Good Night, Good Knight

In this story that is sure to be a bedtime hit, there are three little dragons in a kingdom far away who live in a deep, dark cave. Also living in the kingdom is a Good Knight, and he faithfully keeps watch from "a crumbly tumbly tower" on top of "a very tall wall." One night, while on duty, the knight hears a loud roar. "So he left the crumbly tumbly tower. He climbed down the very tall wall. He jumped on his horse. 'Away!' he said. He galloped through the king's forest. Clippety-clop. Clippety-clop." The knight arrives at the deep dark cave, where he sees the first little dragon, and pulls out his "shimmery, glimmery sword." But the dragon, in his pajamas, asks for a drink of water so he can go to sleep. The knight does not know what to make of this; however, being a Good Knight, he provides a drink and then tucks the little fellow into bed. Wishing the dragon a good night, he returns to the tower. Five minutes later, another roar sounds through the night. "I don't believe this," says the Good Knight, but he makes the trip to the cave, where the second dragon is waiting. She asks for a story, and the first little one requests more water. The incredulous knight obliges, tucks them in, and rides back to the tower. He is barely there two minutes when--you guessed it--he hears another roar. The disgruntled knight again travels to the cave, where he finds the third dragon, who wants him to sing a song. He does so and, after reading another story and bringing yet another drink of water, the Good Knight wearily makes his way back home. He has barely climbed back to the tower when there is another roar. The very put out knight arrives at the cave, only to be asked to give each little dragon a good night kiss! "This is going too far," responds the Good Knight, but he again gives in. This time, he waits to make sure the youngsters are asleep before returning to the tower. "'Now,' said the Good Knight, 'maybe I can get a good night's sleep.' And that is just what he did. Sleep well, sleep tight, Good Knight."

The repetition of the passages describing the Good Knight's trips to and from the cave add to the value of this story as a read-aloud (with opportunities for participation from young listeners), and rhyming phrases provide a perfect introduction to words beginning with the same letter. The adorable illustrations by Jennifer Plecas charmingly portray the winsome little dragons and the changing expressions of the Good Knight (and even of his horse). There are more stories in the Good Knight series, and each is as delightful as the first. Ages 4-8

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian

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