Good Crooks: Missing Monkey, Book One

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Are your Captain Underpants readers running out of choices?  Fear not!  The fabulous Mary Amato is writing a series of books guaranteed to make those reluctant readers run to the library!  Meet the Crooks and get ready for some backwards parents who are teaching their children a whole different set of rules!

Billy Crook is doing his best to try to pick the lock of the bank so his parents, famous crooks, can get inside and steal all the money.  But BIlly just hasn't been doing his homework and suddenly the door swings wide open and a bank guard says, "I've got you."  Whoa... this could be a really bad day but luckily the Crook family is just practicing and they aren't really at the bank.

It's one bad deed after another for Billy and his twin sister Jillian.  They're in training to become great crooks.  Then, one day Billy leaves the house wearing his grandma costume and goes in search of some bacon.  What happens next goes down into the Crook family history books.

Is it possible that a Crook has gone good?  

With her keen feel for slapstick humor and the occasional elephant poop reference, Mary Amato has created a fast-paced, fun, guaranteed bunch of laughs for those Jokester/Thrillseeking/PartyAnimals who are hoping for a book exactly like this one.  Looks to be a fabulous series.

Ages  6-9   978-1606843963   121 pages

Editor's note:  Instructions for making a simple elephant costume are included.

Recommended by Barb

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