Goliath: Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire

Goliath:  Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire

Over one hundred years ago on a cold February morning in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, winds were tossing caps and blowing women's skirts. It was 1904 and in the firehouse a noble horse, Goliath, was standing in his stall. Goliath was a veteran fire horse who knew to remain calm when there was chaos all around him. So, when this great horse seemed nervous and unsettled, the firemen were puzzled. Then, "Bam." Goliath kicked out just as the fire alarm rang throughout the station. The Great Fire of Baltimore had begun. How did firemen respond to a major alarm one hundred years ago? Both the text and the illustrations are action-packed and center on the courage of Goliath. Great for horse lovers and those who are fascinated by the drama and tension of emergencies. 32 pages

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