Giving Tree


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Harper Collins 1999
Character-Building Curriculum

If you have never read The Giving Tree before, you need to know that it is a deeply moving story about the power of giving.  You might need to get your tissue now.  

We begin with a tree who loves a boy.  This tree loves when the boy comes to play with her leaves, climb up her branches and eat her apples.  The tree is everything to the little boy and he is happy and she is happy.  It's simply lovely.

Time moves forward and the boy stops coming.  The tree is sad.  Does the tree still have anything to give the boy?  As the boy becomes a man, will he ask too much of the tree?  What is the wonder in receiving and what is the wonder of giving?

Poignant and deeply touching, this simple story of the giving and taking in a relationship stands as a classic.  If you ever need to begin a discussion about gratitude or appreciation or even understanding something from someone else's point of view, this story would be a great read aloud to create your jumping off point.

978-0060284510    Ages  6-11   978-0060284510

Recommended by:  Barb

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