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Wendy Lamb Books January 2013 (Random House)

Patricia Reilly Giff is such a gifted story teller! From the very beginning, she weaves a beautiful story that invites the reader into the pages.

In Gingersnap, Giff tells of a brother and sister who have nothing left but each other. Rob, the brother, is going off to war, and Jayna is left to the care of Celine, a caring, but nagging landlady. Days go by, and Jayna makes her soups, with such poignant names, such as “Feel-Better Vegetable Soup.” She writes letters to Rob, goes to school, and waits.

Then the dreadful day comes when a telegram arrives saying that Rob is missing. Lost and alone and feeling a burden to Celine, Jayna sets off to see if she does indeed have a grandmother living in Brooklyn.

This is a beautifully moving story of hope and love. In the harsh times of war, where goods are rationed, hope blooms in Jayna’s world that there may still be someone to love and care for her. Jayna is a brave girl, who sets out on a journey to discover if she still has family. With only her turtle, her suitcase, and a treasured recipe book, she travels to Brooklyn with the guidance of a ghostly voice that encourages her to listen to her heart.

This is a book not to be missed! Filled with historical accuracy of war, hope of love and belonging, and dotted with Jayna’s recipes, Gingersnap, is a true treasure.  160 pages  Ages 8-12  

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Recommended by:;Mrs. Shawn Lane Library Director, Texas USA

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