Giant Dance Party

Giant Dance Party

Giants!!!!  As soon as you hear that word, do you picture huge beefy men with large boots, baggy pants and lots of gold?  A man's world perhaps?  Well, we are about the turn the tables on the stereotypes courtesy of a fierce young dancer named Lexy.  Huh?  

Yes, young Lexy is about to issue a royal edict all her own. No more dance lessons.  Now, her perplexed parents are the usual do-gooders offering their lovely offspring a chance to shine doing something she has loved heretofore.  No more.  Gone are the tangoes, the taps, all of the ballet positions and particularly the Scottish Highland flinging.  

Seems the dancing part is joy itself but the recitals.... oh those recitals... they are the cause of the final curtsy for Ms. Lexy.  Too much pressure.  

But our valiant Ginger Rogers is nothing if not resourceful.  She will not turn her back on her beloved dance completely.  She has twirled herself up a perfect solution.  

This my friends is where the giants come in dragging their own dusty versions of dance.  No idols these furry blue hopefuls.... at least, not yet.  

For those who read Betsy Bird's beloved blog, Fuse #8 (School Library Journal) you will recognize the familiar humor that perks here.  You can hear her voice and she is a librarian after all so she knows that story time thrives when the listeners can join the fun through action.  This story is a natural lead-in to a wild round of Hap Palmer's Rock and Roll Freeze Dance (on the So Big CD) or any other dance favorite.  

  Dynamic, energetic, full of fun and a great mix of giants and one young, determined dancer.  I think my grandsons are going to love the monster's faces as they take to the stage and I expect the four year old will watch very carefully to see if this Lexy can really take charge because if she can... well then, imagine what he can do!

 Ages 4-8    978-0061960833  32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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