No ghosts among the living – that’s the rules. The living in the ghost world? Well, Garth is finding out how that works, as he gets dragged into the afterlife during a ghost capture gone wrong.

Garth would be getting to Ghostopolis sooner rather than later, since he has an incurable disease, but his mom really wants him back among the living now. It’s up to the Supernatural Immigration Task Force to correct their ghost-wrangling goof and retrieve Garth. This may take a while, even with an Earth-assigned ghost helping the SITF agents…

Meeting his grandpa’s ghost, riding a night-mare, getting mixed up in Ghostopolis politics – soon Garth finds that he has special powers that unscrupulous ghosts want to use for their own bleak purposes. The young hero’s only hope of returning home is locating the Tuskegee Airman, that great-hearted man who built up Ghostopolis, who helps dead souls out of it and into their true homes Beyond. It won’t be easy, though.

Life and afterlife, ghosts and the living, good guys and bad guys, and a chronologically illogical sense of time – hope the ghost-wranglers can get Garth out of Ghostopolis before it’s too late! This Eisner-nominated graphic novel is 288 pages of wow-factor art and snappy dialogue.

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA


One minute Garth Hale is hearing he has a fatal disease and the next minute he's being zapped into the afterlife better known as Ghostopolis courtesy of a loser ghostbuster by the name of Frank Gallows. Frank has just finished sending Benedict Arnold back to the other side when he finds himself chasing a wild horse that does not want to be caught. As Frank slaps the plasma cuffs on the horse, the horse has just charged through the bedroom wall of Garth's room and as Frank pushes the magic button, both Garth and the horse are sent to the great beyond. There's quite a cast of characters waiting on the other side. As Garth begins to explore his new world, he finds he possesses some amazing powers and begins meeting ghosts. Meanwhile, Frank partners up with an old girlfriend, and the two of them transport to Ghostopolis and go in search of Garth. But, the ruler of Ghostopolis, Vaughner, is a man with great ambition. He sends his henchmen who resemble wild bugs riding dune buggies out to capture Garth. A mixture of humor, gross, violence, and coming of age for several members of the cast, delivers a good adventure story with enough imagination and twists to entertain the most reluctant of readers. Ages 13 and up 268 pages

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