Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable

Genius Files:  Mission Unstoppable

Cue the Mission Impossible theme song. Twelve year old twins, Coke and Pepsi are heading off on summer vacation. It's been the usual end of year with a small run-in with the health teacher, Mrs. Higgins in which the twins were nearly burned alive in a suspicious fire at school. That's followed by the plunge they are forced to make off a cliff sporting human flight suits to escape madmen pursuing them in a golf cart.

Coke and Pep are smart kids but they have a huge puzzle lying before them as they are about to find themselves embroiled in the scheme of one Dr. Warsaw, who wants the kids who score at the top end of the standardized tests to use their genius to solve the problems of the world. Coke and Pep's parents are clueless in Seattle and every other town they drop into and that is a long list.

The family is taking a cross country trip with a family wedding as the final destination. Along the way, they'll visit every large ball of twine,etc. in existence while Coke and Pep are trying to decode ciphers, follow messages and figure out who the good guys are and who is after them and why. Humor, adventure, side trips on Google for readers to join in the zany travel adventure all come together to provide a great read for that classic Gutman audience.

300 pages                                 978-0061827648                                              Ages 8-12

Keywords:  action/adventure, road trip, family, codes, ciphers, humor, travel, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, part of a series, reluctant reader

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It started when they walked from school, people have been trying to kill Coke and Pepsi McDonald from being chased by bowler dudes to locked in detention by and evil health teacher- Mrs.Higgins. And now they are going on a road trip across America, the people that want to kill them follow them-to kill them. They meet Dr. Warsaw, who also wants to kill them. Why? And will Coke and Pepsi survive? To find out, read the Genius Files 1: Mission unstoppable. It's a great and fun book, for all ages.
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