Genie Wishes

Genie Wishes

Bras. Boys. Friendships. Parties. Makeup.  Summer is coming to an end and fifth grade is about to begin for Genie, her best friend Sarah, and a new girl named Blair.  Fifth grade is a big year at the lower school and a year of big changes.  There are bras, cell phones and deodorant and boys.  

Genie is elected the class blogger.  She's never been on a blog before and now she is going to be writing one on behalf of her entire class.  What will she write about? What kinds of comments will she get?

Turns out Genie has plenty to write about as she watches her best friend choose Blair with all of her makeup and flirting.  

Walk through the maze of being a fifth grader.  There is a lot of unknown territory to explore whether it's the physical changes or the social changes.    It's also an exploration of who you choose to be and where you feel comfortable.  All told through the perspective of Genie, a character you come to respect and appreciate.  Nice coming of age story.

978-1419705267  Ages  9-12  273 pages

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