Gallagher Girls; Only the Good Spy Young (Book 4)

Gallagher Girls;  Only the Good Spy Young  (Book 4)

The girls of the Gallagher Academy are juniors now and the serious side of their schooling is starting to emerge and one of the most difficult questions they never had a test on is who can be trusted? Cammie, the Chameleon, daughter of the head of the Gallagher Academy, is in London ice skating with her friend, Bex, when the lights go out and she's suddenly being warned by the man who she has known for a few years now as her Covert Ops teacher, Joe Solomon. Joe is on the run. "Follow the pigeons," he tells her and then he dives off a bridge to escape capture. Zach, the Blackthorne boy who now seems to appear in Cammie's life with consistency, steps up to help. But is his mother on their side or not? What is the Circle of Cavan? Why are they after Cammie? Can their new Covert Ops teacher, Mr. Townsend, be trusted? A bit darker than the first three books, this is an action/adventure thriller with the Gallagher Girls using all their skills and talents to solve the mystery and overcome the threat. 266 pages Ages 10 -15

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