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Univ. of Minnesota Press August 2012

Sadie has not spoken once in the eleven years since her mother's death. Lately though, bits of that night are coming back to her and with them her desire to start speaking. Once she does she begins to learn even more about her past and starts wanting to have more control over her future.

This book is set in the Prohibition Era, which is also during the time women were actively fighting to get the right to vote. Sadie is not a very practical person. I still liked her because she didn't want to settle for the same life her foster mother has. She decides that instead she wants to try to find a way to go to college so that she can have more opportunities.

I say she isn't practical because she takes a job to earn money but then never actually collects her pay before she leaves. Seems silly to me.

Verdict: recommended   Ages  13 and up  978-0816680566  244 pages

Warning: Sadie's mom was a "working girl." And you know some parents will be upset about the mention of prostitutes. Although we never actually read about any "working" being done.

Recommended by: Stephanie Lott, Librarian, Texas USA

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