Freaks on the Loose

Freaks on the Loose

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Allen and Unwin 2018
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What are they reading on the other side of the world? We are adding some titles to that are currently not available in print in the U.S. because we think it's important to include books from around the globe. This book is part of that new effort.

When you pick up a book that not only has Leigh Hobbs' name on the front cover but also a warning to the reader that if they see the characters within they should report them to the Education Department and run, as well as another to prospective teachers to reconsider their career choice, then you know you have a gem in your hands - one that your students are going to love.

Populated with the most amazing and diverse Year 4 students that a teacher could ever dread to have, Freaks on the Loose is a combination of 4F for Freaks and Freaks Ahoy! In typical Hobbs' style with compelling line drawings and minimal text he sets out to portray the class from hell, drawing on people he has met over time to create a novel that will appeal to all those who share his quirky sense of humour and like a bit of subversion.  He admits that he likes to go into bat for the underdog and while his characters may be somewhat extreme in their portrayal, underneath there is something that we can all relate to, all having felt freakish at some stage in our lives.

As the Australian Children's Laureate for 2016-2017, Hobbs did a magnificent job of spreading the word about the critical importance of reading, of reaching out to those for whom stories might not be entertaining or accessible, of showing that print is just as entertaining as the screen, and in this collection of two of his funniest books, he is spreading his message to even the most reluctant readers in our classes.

240 pages   9781760294311  (Only available on the Australia side of the world)   Ages 8-12

Recommended by:  Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, New South Wales  AUSTRALIA


The hilarious, anarchic antics of One-eyed Eileen, her 4F classmates and their long-suffering teacher in one collectable volume. LEIGH HOBBS: AUSTRALIA'S CHILDREN'S LAUREATE 2016-17

We dare you to join Miss Corker and 4F, the class without a yearning for learning.

'I couldn't possibly put this shocker on the shelves.' Fenella Frump, Librarian, Tasmania--from the publisher


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