Fourth Grade Rats

Fourth Grade Rats

Suds has started the fourth grade and it's proving to be a pretty tough year. At his school each grade has a nickname. When he was a third grader, he was an angel and that Suds was good at but this year, fourth grade, he has to be a rat. What does a rat do? How does a boy turn into a man? If you ask Suds' good friend Joey, he'll tell you straight out you have to look out for Number One and act like a real rat and that just might mean doing some things that don't feel right. Lucky Suds has parents who pay attention, who care and who are giving him good role models for growing up. Maybe it isn't all about pushing other people around and thinking only of yourself. Maybe fourth grade can be about something more than just being a "rat." As always, Jerry Spinelli writes from the inside out giving words to the feelings and experiences of kids of all ages and offering them a chance to look at a fork in the road and find the right direction for themselves. Ages 8-10 84 pages

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