Fortunately the Milk

Fortunately the Milk

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Harper Collins September 2013

Mom is leaving town for a week to present a paper on lizards and that means Dad is in charge... well, so to speak.  Dad doesn't seem to grasp the finer points of parenthood.  Mom has frozen dinners lined up in the freezer, a plumber on the way and has stashed a spare house key with the neighbors.  It's simply isn't enough.  Dad has failed to buy milk and now the only option for the kids is to put pickle juice on their Toastios.  Or... Dad could run down to the store and get some milk thereby saving the galaxy and certainly keeping his fatherhood intact.

So, Dad does step forth to get the milk.  He takes his sweet time and his two offspring, one boy and one girl, wait impatiently and miss their mother until finally, yes finally, he shows up with the all important gallon of cow juice and a tale that wides the eyes and leaves mouths hanging wide.

Dad proceeds to tell his story and a whopper of a story it is involving a silver disc in the sky complete with aliens, a Stegosaurus, several well-timed references to snot, some pirates, a hot air balloon, the highly necessary ponies, and a large emerald.  

If you are a great lover of Roald Dahl, you will love the irreverent wandering and utter imaginative blowout of this story of father's journey to the store, around the world and beyond and home again with the all-important milk.  Talk about inventive. Talk about one of those books that takes those reluctant readers and impresses the heck out of them.  Here is a weapon in the battle of the books that gives the librarians, the parents, the teachers who read aloud to their classes ... it gives them the bomb... the complete upperhand.  

There will be no wiggling. There will be no yawning.  There will be no complaining.  They couldn't have imagined it better themselves.  Reluctant readers beware.  Your days are numbered.

Perfect for Jokesters.  

978-0062224071  128 pages  Ages  6-10

Recommended by:  Barb

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