Emery Land is 17 years old and would love nothing more than to be able to live a normal life like every other teenager. Right now she is spending her nights in a hospital so her father and her ‘team’ of doctors can monitor her brain activity when she goes into her seizures. As her seizures become more intense and they start happening while she is awake her doctors are whispering about her and wanting more and more control over her life. Even her dad can’t seem to see her as his daughter. He only sees a science experiment he needs to figure out the answer for.

Emery has had enough and she wants to be free and live her own life. One night she escapes from the hospital and heads to the town of Esperanza, a town that she has visited many times in her loops. Emery calls her seizures loops because she time travels into the past and the future.

Once there she feels like maybe now she can figure out the answers that “the boy” in her loops is trying to help her see. She knows this town is where she needs to be. Then she meets Asher Clarke who seems remarkably familiar to her. Asher spends his time being the Good Samaritan to others to atone for the death of a family member. But his wounds run deep and what does he feel so guilty about?

As Emery works on finding answers and doing research her relationship with Asher has its ups and down and then the underlying fear that continually plagues her- when will her dad find her and how can she outrun him?

As Emery sees major changes in her loops will she be able to find her answers before time is up and will Asher be able to conquer his demons so he can move on with his life? What is there about Asher that can really help Emery find her answers?

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Idaho

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