Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures Book 6 The African Safari Discovery

's world wide adventures the african safari discovery

Flat Stanley is taking over the world, one city at a time! In this stupendous sixth installment in the renowned Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures chapter book series, the Lambchops look for answers in Africa!

When a flat skull is discovered in Africa, Stanley Lambchop decides to travel there with his brother, Arthur, and their father, George. Maybe studying the skull will give them clues to Stanley's flatness. But once in Africa, the Lambchops are in for more adventure than they bargained for. From lions to zebras to elephants, it's the safari of a lifetime!

This unforgettable adventure features fun, fascinating facts about Africa! And for parents and teachers, each Flat Stanley book is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, like multicultural adventure, plot and character development story elements, and compare and contrast! Don’t miss any of Flat Stanley’s worldwide adventures!---from the publisher

112 pages                        978-0061430008                      Ages 7-10

Keywords:  adventure, travel, family, Africa, safari, animals, geography, part of a series, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, multicultural, diversity, diverse books, chapter book, Masai

For Educators:

Thinking Questions:

1. At the beginning of the book, Stanley feels discouraged because he doesn't know anyone else who is flat like him. Have you ever felt sad for being different than someone else?

2. While going on this adventure, Stanley has to do several things that are really scary. He jumps out of a plane without a parachute and lands in front of a hungry lion! Have you ever had to face your fears and do something really scary, just like Stanley?

3. When Stanley and Arthur are in the canoe, they start fighting over who should paddle. Have you ever been in an argument with a sibling or friend? How did you work it out? Do you have any advice to help Stanley and his brother in this situation?

4. There are a lot of things Stanley gets to do because he is flat. He can fly by air mail, find missing toys under the couch, be his own parachute, and act as a paddle for a canoe. Each one of us is unique in some way. What things can you do that make you special?

5. At the end of the book, Stanley returns home without finding out why he is flat, but he learns to be happy with the way he is. Do you think he will go on anymore adventures? What other things could Stanley do because of his unique shape?---from Rachel on Goodreads

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