First Grade Dropout


Our hero has "been a lot of different things."  He's been "hungry, four years old, crazy bored, soaking wet and wrapped up like a mummy in toilet paper. (Don't ask.)"   But today he is being the worst thing ever and that is "There is no way I can go back to Lakeview Elementary School tomorrow."

Our hero, my friends, got laughed at. He was at school and he did something really embarrassing and everyone, including his best friend Tyler, laughed.  He is not going back.

This embarrassing feeling is all he can think about. He's a first grader and he has reached his peak.

What does a guy do when he just can't rejoin the world?  When he has been laughed at and pointed at and all the other "ats" and he is done?

If you are looking for a book to teach empathy, here it is.  How would you feel if everyone laughed at you?  What would you say to yourself to get past this?  How could you still feel your sense of self, your dignity?

Fun, funny and I have a feeling plenty familiar to plenty of first graders who stayed with it and moved on to second grade and then third... and even graduated high school.... and once upon a time, on a day in the past, they were all laughed at, too.  But they're okay ..and so are you.

32 page     978-0544129856     Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


The first grade narrator of this book has been lots of things: Hungry. Four years old. Crazy bored. Soaking wet. Pretty regular kid . . . until he makes a mistake so big that he’s sure he will never be able to go back to Lakeview Elementary School. All readers, even those not in first grade, will find the narrator’s feelings familiar, and discover that even though embarrassing things happen, they’re usually not as bad as they seem. And sometimes they’re even funny!--from the publisher

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