Find a Cow Now!

Find a Cow Now!

I've got to be meeeee! You can just hear this dog barking out his song. Meet "Dog" who has had enough naps and wants to bust out and herd a few chairs and rugs. He is born to herd and he is stuck in an apartment with a Bird who talks. Bird has had enough of DOG and advises him to leave the confines of the city and head to the country where surely there will be a herdable cow. "Find a cow NOW!" are Bird's exact words.

Dog has charisma let me tell you. He is one smiling, ready to rock canine and he simply glows as he rides that elevator down to the great wild world.

Now the question is what does a cow look like? How do you know when you've found what you're looking for? That applies to a dog looking for a cow and it applies to a child looking for a viable, trustworthy website. What's the criteria for finding a cow? What's the criteria for finding a good source of information?

This is a hilarious, rib-tickling, fabulous read aloud for young children with lots and lots of repetition. Be trooooo to yuuuu! 32 pages 978-0823422180 Ages 5-9

Recommended with a smile by Barb

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