Fenway Fever

Fenway Fever

“When the Red Sox go on a losing streak during the centennial of Fenway park, “Stats” Pagano fears the legendary Curse of the Bambino may have returned. He know he has to help, but what power does a kid have against a curse?”

It’s the centennial of Boston’s Fenway Park. The Red Sox are on a losing streak. Could the Curse of the Bambino have returned? Alfredo “Stats” Pagano and his friend, pitcher Billee Orbitt think something is affecting Fenway Park. Could it be that the chi, or energy, has been disturbed. After a little digging, Stats and Billee think they can restore harmony to Fenway, but can things be fixed in the financially troubled Pagano home? And what about Stats’s bad heart, can that be fixed? And can Stat’s older brother Mark make it into the Little League game of the century at Fenway? This hits it out of the ballpark for baseball fans, especially the Red Sox Nation.

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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