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  • Fen Gold: The Wickit Chronicles, Book Two

Fen Gold: The Wickit Chronicles, Book Two

Fen Gold: The Wickit Chronicles, Book Two

In summer’s muggy heat, young Pip’s blood freezes when he spots a strange ship crossing the Fenlands. Who is heading toward remote Wickit Monastery – Soldiers? Thieves? Invaders?

Pip rushes to warn the monks of the approaching peril, but they assure the orphaned boy that no one will attack their small, simple church. If anyone needs help, the monks will help them, like the man who fell ill with swamp fever at their doorstep yesterday.

A young blond lady and her tall Norse escorts bring a sick man to Wickit’s infirmary, where he murmurs about gold. Pip and Perfect the stone dragon become involved in Lady Rane’s quest for a legendary hidden treasure, crossing paths with spies and the King’s soldiers in the fen marshes.

Is there really a hoard of gold hidden in their Fenlands? Are Lady Rane and her men truly just traders or the first wave of invaders? What will the spy do to get the treasure and overthrow the King? How can a young boy and a small stone dragon stop him?

Clever drawings of the residents of Ely and Wickit Monastery (including Perfect) add zing to this exciting story of medieval days, the second book in The Wickit Chronicles. Notes at the end of the book explain more about the Fenlands, monks, and the world of Wickit.

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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