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It’s another exciting day at Green Lawn Elementary School.Students of Mr. Vooray’s first grade are enjoyingValentine’s Day with goodies and home-made valentine’s day cards.As Bradley, Flo and Lucy pass out everyone’s valentines cards, to their surprise, they discover a mysterious card.The only thing that is written on the card is, “Look in the closet.”In the closet, Mr. Vooray and his students find a black and white rabbit.But time is running out for the rabbit, as he will not eat or drink anything.Dr.Henry, the vet, believes he misses his owner.Come join Bradley, Flo and Lucy as they hunt down clues to who belongs to this very sad rabbit before it is too late.Ron Roy created another wonderful series full of suspense, action and surprise which will be appealing to independent and reluctant readers.Children will be eager to read and talk about this series, Calendar Mysteries.Reluctant readers will find it is not “work” to read this story.Readers will have a hard time putting down the book.Written in large print with line spacing will be another important attraction to the reluctant reader.Author, illustrator John Steven Gurney provides fantastic pen and ink illustrations which will engage children throughout the story.Before the story begins, Gurney provides a detailed map of the town of Green Lawn.Students can easily use the map to help follow Bradley, Flo and Lucy solve the mystery.The simple pen and ink illustrations will help any reluctant reader keep engaged throughout the story.The classroom teacher and librarian will find this book useful indeveloping a collaborative lessons in the mystery genre.Scholastic provides a perfect activity called“Ingredients of a Mystery”, where students will be able to define the elements of the mystery genre as they read a mystery book together out loud.This lesson plan created by Beth Newingham provides worksheets and check sheets to help create the lesson.It can be found at:http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?id=660 .Anotheractivity which could be arranged after the completion of the book is fun art project called, “Who will Bee my Secret Valentine” created by Lisa M. Kermes at http://www.lessonplans.com/ext-resource.php?l=http://www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Arts/Visual_Arts/ARA0033.html .This activity would be a create collaboration between the art teacher and the school librarian. Review provided by Deb Fagnan, librarian St. John’s Academy, Hillsdale N.J.

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