Far-Flung Adventures Hugo Pepper

Far-Flung Adventures  Hugo Pepper

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David Fickling Books, 2007
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When I read this book, it reminded me of the stories of yore. It reads almost like a story collection which makes it perfect for bedtime reading or classroom reading where you want a chapter that tells a story and then leads you on in the main body of the tale. This is about a young boy who learns that the people he has always thought of as his parents, the reindeer herders, are not his true parents. He goes in search of his true self and finds himself in a town beset with intrigue and fascinating characters. Watch in amazement as the pieces of this story are revealed and then shift around like a kaleidoscope turning its colors.

It's fun and it keeps you guessing. A true adventure but not too intense. Non-stop action and wacky humor make it a nice recommendation for kids who loved Lemony Snicket. 272 pages Ages 8-11

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Hugo Pepper is a book I strongly recommend! Hugo Pepper's parents were eaten by polar bears of the Frozen North. Hugo survived and was found by Harvi and Sarvi Rutter-Tun-Tun.Hugo travels to Harbor Heights many years later thanks to the compass of heart that he found in the Crane & Sons snow Chariot the II.He meets all of his parents friends, but will he make it back to the Frozen North to Harvi and Sarvi?Will the Firefly Quaterly be saved because of Hugo? Read it to find out!
-Emma H.
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