Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Every night Mr. Fox would ask his wife what she and the kids would like to eat for dinner, then he would sneak down from the hill they lived on and onto Boogis' chicken farm, Bunce's duck-and-goose farm, or Bean's turkey-and-apple farm and bring home a tasty meal. However, those three nasty men know what Mr. Fox does and have it out to kill him. When they finally have had enough, Mr. Fox, his family, and all the animals that live on the hill become in grave danger. Mr. Fox is determined to outsmart them and save the day, but how can he do so when the three nasty farmer's have them surrounded? See why Mr. Fox is so fantastic and what tricks he has up his sleeve.

Contributed by M. Reynolds


A fox family lives happily in its snug den above the valley. Each night Mr. Fox consults with Mrs. Fox and finds out what she'd like to have for dinner.  Will it be a chicken from the farm of Farmer Boggis or a duck or good from the farm of Farmer Bunce or maybe a turkey or some cider from the farm of Farmer Bean.   with his "shopping list" Mr. Fox sneaks down into the valley and goes in search of something tasty.  


Now the three farmers are tired of having their goodies stolen night after night and they put their heads together and create a plan.  Knowing where Mr. Fox lives, the three farmers grab their guns and hide themselves just outside the den door to wait for Mr. Fox to appear.  When he does emerge, guns blaze and the lovely tail of Mr. Fox is no more.  


Thus begins a wonderful story about overcoming a turn for the worse, working together and keeping a stiff upper lip.  What appears to be the end of all that is known in the world of the fox family,  slowly changes into a wondrous turn of events for the entire community of tunnelers and diggers.  There is more than one way to skin a cat and clearly more than one way to fool a farmer.  


A delightful adventure that keeps the pages turning and the hopes alive that the Fantastic Mr. Fox will invent some great idea that will defeat the dreadful three.

 81 pages

978-0142410349 Ages 7-10


Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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